Which host should I use in New Zealand?

Selecting a host is a topic more important than you might think!

In New Zealand, typing in “website hosting” brings up a lot of options, and while some seem to be really cheap ($3 a month! What!) and offer great services (unlimited bandwidth! Unlimited emails! Great!), there is always a snag.

The “cheap” hosts, tend to be located in the USA, UK, or Asia. Their claims of “unlimited bandwidth” “unlimited emails” “databases”, etc, are quite misleading. Yes, you won’t have a specific cap on your data, but there is a limit to the server. Cheap hosts cram multiple websites onto one server.

A Server is a modified hard drive, just like the one in your computer. Now imagine you filled your hard drive with every heavy-gaming app you could think of, and then tried to run them all at once – not going to happen, is it? The computer, depending on its RAM and CPU, may be able to run a few at full capacity, but pretty soon, things begin to glitch, the game starts to lag…

And what’s worse, is your website may not be the first “game” to load. So all your ‘unlimited data’ has actually gone to the website that had the most visitors, the quickest.

So when you see an expensive host ( $40 a month after I just saw $3?) AND it has limits (500GB, 1TB, etc) then this is good because you KNOW what you are getting, and that they are obliged to give you those full results – there may only be 2-5 websites on that hard drive, as opposed to 100+. Each website has its allocated amount. So it doesn’t matter if Ralph’s website chewed through its data in a week, it won’t affect yours one bit, so your performance will be streamlined and consistent.

At KAST, we have experimented with quite a few hosts both local and abroad (with servers in Australia and Singapore). Talk to us about what your requirements are, and we’ll steer you in the right direction. We’re biased towards supporting other Kiwi companies, but you can rest assured we’ll only bring you legitimate and reliable ones that we have tested ourselves.

At present, our top recommendations are (in no particular order):





Other hosts we have used (but only recommend under certain circumstances) include: