How secure is my WordPress site?

Is WordPress secure?

Security is not always seen as a big issue to small businesses operating websites. Their website is not handling personal data like credit cards, or strict confidential documents, so why should they worry? Well, security should be a concern of anyone who owns or maintains a website, whether it handles private data or not.

Websites can be hacked in multiple ways – hackers sometimes just like to ruin someones work and leave the site itself mutilated, as opposed to hunting for credit cards and logins.

Should I use WordPress if I’m concerned about security?

It is true, WordPress has been hacked in the past. It is a robust interface and run by a brilliant and large amount of paid developers, but it is still open-source and has been abused in the past. There are multiple ways that WordPress can have its security risks minimised – not altogether eliminated, but certainly reduced.

Someone said cheap sites have bad security?

The time that goes into developing a website dictates a lot of its security issues. If you have paid a good developer, often times they will have installed multiple things to keep your site in optimum health, and they will either inform you on how to keep your website up to date, or they will run a maintenance program for you. At KAST, we provide both options, and either way, we always do the most basic of security rules to make the website harder to get into.

What’s better than WordPress?

Don’t forget, WordPress’ clients include CNN, Mercedes-Benz, Katy Perry, etc… But yes, there are other content management systems out there that perform better and are harder to crack than WordPress. The most notable would be Drupal, however this is a more complex management system, which often ends up in the client handing the work back to the developer and saying “can you upload this article for me?”

Their ongoing development.

WordPress, as one of the biggest and fastest growing platforms on the internet, has an ever-growing team of investors and developers. While they don’t charge users for this, they are indeed on paid salaries, and this means they are dedicated to improving and bettering the system. For this reason, we believe WordPress is suitable for most use-cases, and we can add extra layers of security on top of the basic WP installation to keep your mind at ease.