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Every single one of our website clients is given ongoing support, and an initial teaching session so they can learn how to manage their website. If something has happened in the back-end or coding of the site, we will fix it free of charge. If a client has mismanaged their website or caused a fatal error, we can restore a previous backup for a fixed-price.

WordPress is a great CMS for the client as it is user-friendly, backed up by a lot of online research and help, and completely customisable. For clients who want great looking websites with great SEO options, and who want to manage a lot of further content, we recommend WordPress. We run some custom tweaks and alterations to create a faster and more optimised website, as on their own, WordPress has been known to run a little heavier on the back-end.

Yes. We create an initial backup when you approve your website for its launch, so we will always maintain a copy of that crisp and clean version. If you are not adding content, then we simply keep the initial backup for any future issues. If you are creating regular content, and want your website backed up regularly but want us to manage it, we can do it on a weekly or monthly basis. Depending on which hosting option you have, this may be included in your initial price or host.

No, you are not locked into a contract with us directly for any ongoing maintenance.  This means that you can use any other web-tech or company to make future alterations or edits to your website if you want to, you’re not stuck with us! Hosting is slightly different – it is generally charged up-front, and this is controlled by the host-party and not us, so any liabilities there are the host’s issue.

Most company’s do not like to give a fixed-price guide because there are so many variables, including content management systems, how many pages, how many back-end features need to be used, etc. For a rough guide, a small-business website with between 5-10 standard website pages and their own photography can cost between $1800 – 3500NZD + GST. Bigger websites that may need a lot more feature-rich and content-creation, such as custom photography, can be anywhere from $5000 + NZD.

We can takeover migration issues provided we have all the necessary details from your existing host and/or web company.

We can review the technical details of other quotes and offer an appropriate match where possible.

Again, similar to full websites, this is a very variable question. For a range of customised logos to be produced after an initial guideline consultation (you show us what styles you like), a ball-park figure is around $250NZD + GST. For other designs, such as vehicle sign-writing designs and branding options, the packages vary hugely and need to be priced individually.

Depending on if you have an existing host, or choose one of our options, we can customise your work emails so you have “dave@example.co.nz”. Some hosts charge per-email account, others include unlimited emails in their packages. Just check in when we price your project and we can make sure to include some options.

Yes! All of our websites are called “responsive”, this means they detect what size the screen is browsing on and scales content to suit using what’s called a Bootstrap system (or a grid system). Effectively, the website is divided into columns and rows, and the wider a screen is, the more columns it will display side by side – on a narrow screen, like a phone, it will simply drop to one column at a time.

This comes down to the hosting package you have chosen. Most shared hosts allow unlimited amounts of visitors, as you are sharing a hard drive with a lot of other websites. The more expensive hosts that allow you to have your own server, or part of it, may allocate certain amounts (e.g., 100gb bandwidth per month).

As we like to use hosts local in New Zealand (slightly more expensive), your website will be nice and quick. Evidently, things like your router speed or the state of the 3G or 4G network will have an impact, but we optimise each site to deliver content as fast as possible. There are other options such as Content-Delivery-Networks which allocate space in places directly local to the customer (for example, a host may be in the USA, but via a CDN your website will be stored locally across the globe and therefore accessed faster by international users).

You can find them anywhere on our website – our email is help@kast.co.nz, or you can get in touch directly with the creator, Kate,  on 0277211017.

Yes, we can. We have a tight-knit business model where we like to really know our clients, their business, and their customers. With your goals in mind, we can create beautiful blog articles with fantastic photography and SEO written words that will help your website audience grow.

A hand-coded site is one that does not use a content-management system such as WordPress or Drupal to create and manage content. A hand-coded website is fast and efficient as it takes away the entire back-end problem and scripts that need to run, and delivers pure HTML, CSS, graphics and the odd piece of JavaScript. We create hand-coded sites from scratch that are perfect for smaller businesses that just want an online presence without the hassle of always adding new content.

Up-Time refers to your server (your host), and the amount of time it is always accessible. Most hosts guarantee 95-99% uptime, and if they drop below this, they can sometimes offer a credit on your future hosting. Sometimes, servers need to be turned off temporarily during software updates, however as we use NZ hosts, most do this at times such as 1-3AM so as not to disturb or disrupt our websites.

Working with existing hosts is not an issue for us at all. We will still happily create your website and optimise it to be fast and efficient, and where we can, we can also optimise the host/server on your behalf.

If you have a brand new vision for your business and want to create a recognisable and professional image from the get-go, we can help. Our graphic and web design team can fully create a website, stationary package, logo, and even vehicle design so that everything from your letterheads to your business cards are looked after. We can even create custom bottles, cups, or pens to go with it or to boost brand awareness. We can work with marketing specialists to deliver recommendations based on current market analysis and trends so that you’re ahead of the game.

We work remotely to save costs on overheads and monthly fees, so we can save our customers money in the long-run. We are based in Silverdale, Auckland, and we can either travel to your for consultations or meet in the middle for a coffee to discuss your website or graphic requirements.